Saturday 7th October marked the climax of the Sierra Leone Football Association Nationa playoffs at the Wusum Field, Northern Sierra Leone. Such grand occasions saw three promoted clubs joining the race for the 2023/2024 league season title. These clubs are the playoff champions Bhantal FC, runners-up Kholifa Stars, and third-place Kahunla Rangers.

Immediately after the crowning ceremony of the playoffs finals, the Premier League Board held a meeting with the three new clubs in Makeni.

Speaking to club representatives present, the PLB Chairman, congratulated and welcomed all newly promoted premier league clubs into the Leone Rock Premier League. “I am thrilled to see all three clubs gaining their spot in the premier league for the first time,” he said.

He continued: “It has been a very tough journey for all three clubs to reach this point. It’s a moment that is filled with tears and excitement.”

He went further to assure the clubs and all those present that this year’s league will be one of the best in our country’s football history and he assured all that the league will be run fairly. “As Chairman of the Board, I will make sure we correct all past wrongs that have stifled the growth of football in the country,” Victor Lewis added.

The PLB Vice Chairman, Mr Foday Anthony called on all newly promoted clubs to start their premier league campaign now, as they do not have much time ahead of the commencement of the league. “It’s no secret that the league will start on the 3rd of November this year and the closing date for player’s registration is on the 27th of October, 2023. Thus, you have to finish your registration on time,” the Vice Chairman reiterated.

The newly promoted clubs appreciate the timely engagement the Board had with them and they assured the PLB members of their commitment to compete and stay in the League.


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